Customer Service Coordinator - APCO Institute Daytona Beach, FL

Customer Service Coordinator - APCO Institute

Full Time • Daytona Beach, FL
The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International is seeking an individual for the position of Customer Service Coordinator.  APCO International is headquartered in Daytona Beach, FL, with an additional office in Alexandria, VA.  The incumbent will work out of the Daytona Beach, FL location.

About APCO:
APCO International is the world’s oldest and largest organization of public safety communications professionals, with over 30,000 members.  It serves the needs of public safety communications practitioners worldwide - and the welfare of the general public as a whole - by providing complete expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy, and outreach.

The Position:
This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in public safety communications. The ideal candidate will maintain and process all orders for Institute products and services pertaining to recertifications for all APCO Institute training disciplines while providing exceptional customer service. The position requires exceptional attention to detail, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, outstanding skills working with customer information systems, and competence with Microsoft Office products Outlook, Word, and Excel. As an integral member of the APCO Institute staff, the Customer Service Coordinator is expected to serve as a positive and productive team member.
Reports to:   APCO Institute Director

General Description of Essential Job Tasks:
The following are general descriptions of the essential job tasks of the position. Other related tasks may be assigned as necessary and appropriate.
¨       Oversee the recertification process for all APCO Institute customers who need to become recertified in any training discipline by:
o   Reviewing and approving submitted documentation 
o   Ensuring that payment has been received
o   Responding in a professional and timely manner via phone and/or email to customers who have questions or need assistance during the recertification process.
  • Oversee the APCO agency instructor upgrade process by:
    • Reviewing and approving submitted documentation
    • Ensuring that all upgrade requirements have been met
    • Responding in a professional and timely manner via phone and/or email to customers who have questions or need assistance during the upgrade process.
  •  Provide clerical support for APCO’s Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL) Program
  • Assisting the Education and Training Manager and Administrative Assistant with applications, registrations, payment, scholarship reimbursements, and recertifications.
  • Responding in a professional and timely manner via phone and/or email to customers who have questions or need assistance during the upgrade process.
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required
  • Provide support for other APCO Institute positions, as needed  
Essential Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Technical Knowledge
  • Ability in using Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Experience using customer information systems or databases
  • Knowledge of customer service techniques
  • Knowledge of functions & operation of telephone console, personal computer/printer, and other standard office equipment
  • General understanding of Public Safety Communications
  • Knowledge of Institute policies, procedures, and standards of expected performances
  • Knowledge of Institute products and services
  • Knowledge of the functions & features of the Institute Online and web seminar platforms
  • Knowledge of proper preparation of required reports, forms, and other paperwork
  • Knowledge of proper use of APCO Institute office equipment
  • Knowledge of APCO Institute check processing and accounting procedures
  • Knowledge of fax blast, email blast, and direct mail marketing procedures
  • Knowledge of available resource material and their use in performing job duties
  • All other knowledge necessary to perform essential job tasks
Oral and Written Communications
  • Ability to actively listen to others for the understanding of their needs and situations
  • Ability to speak English with sufficient clarity to be understood by others on the telephone or in-person
  • Ability to read and understand written correspondence, memoranda, and directives
  • Ability to report events and information in writing legibility and accurately, using proper English grammar and structure
Decision Making/Problem Solving
  • Ability to act in a decisive manner, using good judgment (common sense)
  • Ability to maintain objectivity in the decision-making process
  • Ability to effectively prioritize situations and information and make appropriate decisions based on information received
  • Ability to learn and apply new information
  • Ability to remember numerous details (good memory retention)
Interpersonal Relationships
  • Ability to handle objectionable contacts with tact and diplomacy  
  • Ability to contribute to a pleasant work environment by maintaining a positive attitude when carrying out duties and complying with Institute policies
  • Ability and willingness to accept criticism and/or discipline 
  • Ability and willingness to accept responsibility for actions
  • Ability to act in a mature, dependable fashion
  • Ability and willingness to maintain dependable work habits such as reporting to work on time, with little prompting and intervention
  • Ability to present a courteous, helpful, accurate, and business-like attitude in all telephone and personal contact
  • Willingness and ability to respect private, confidential information
  • Willingness and ability to support and carry out management and/or Board directives
Quality of Work
  • Good organizational skills 
  • Ability to provide high quality, accurate work
  • Ability and willingness to show initiative in completing work assignments
Physical Abilities
  • Ability to hear and understand sound sources
  • Ability to speak and write English clearly
  • Ability to read and discern visual images on a variety of media
  • Ability to type accurately on a computer keyboard
  • Ability to travel by vehicle or aircraft for meetings, training, and presentations
Minimum Experience Requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent, college experience preferred
  • Minimum two years of clerical, administrative, or customer service experience 
Compensation: $14.50 per hour

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